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" Good dog person is able to transform bad dog drawings and something bad dog person and an excellent dog destroyed. You never know in advance how it will end. Buy a puppy is like buying a ticket..."

Welcome to the website of our kennel.

UNNA from Minitz

Beautiful merle female looking for a loving home, suitable for breeding and as a luxury companion

RODOLPHA from Minitz

judge: Fairaislová Lenka - CZ

RAYMOND from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC res.CACIB

RODOLPHA from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC CACIB BOS Champion SK


litter "U" from Minitz

* January 19th 2019

male: 1 black, 1 harlequin

female:  1 merle, 2 harlequins

RODOLPHA from Minitz

judge: MVDr.Ridarčíková Gabriela - SK

RODOLPHA from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC CAC-CMKU National winner CZ BOB

SOFIE from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC

RODOLPHA from Minitz

judge: Harnik Sebastian - PL

RODOLPHA from Minitz - V2 r.CAC

SOFIE from Minitz - V2 r.CAC


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